What We Do

We create actionable information from Earth observation (EO) data that reveals human endeavour and environmental change. Simple as that.

We’re here to identify knowledge gaps and conduct industry-led, self-funding research in the fields of Earth observation (EO), geospatial science and remote sensing technologies. We build tangible products and services using our research capabilities.

The work we do uses EO data and technologies to solve real problems, with the flow-on effect of delivering economic and environmental benefit to New Zealand’s regions and the country as a whole.

In saying that, we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. In order to conduct self-funding research, we keep an eye on the international market. We focus our attention on solving local problems with products and services that can be scaled globally.

We recognise that the power of EO data comes from the efficacy of the collection and analysis process, the reliability of the information we produce, and a genuine understanding of the problem we’re aiming to solve.

We have a team of world-class scientists, engineers and business-minded folks who are committed to excellence and scientific rigour, without sacrificing our agility as a startup conducting research that delivers a return on investment.

Our Services

We layer EO data sources to build identification, change detection, monitoring and reporting tools that deliver insights direct to decision-makers across industry, business and government.

The aim of making this information available is to provide accurate and repeatable evidence that help improve decision-making and support organisations to achieve their long-term goals.

We understand that our customers and partners come from a wide range of backgrounds, having varying familiarity with EO and the value it can offer their organisation. We meet our customers where they are at, offering everything from basic consulting services through to custom product development.

EO Consulting

We provide consultancy services to understand an organisation’s requirements in order to best utilise EO data. These initial conversations often lead to further research and development to solve the identified problem.

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EO Data and Imagery

For those who have the skills and expertise to process EO data, we source satellite data and deliver the imagery at the processing level you require. We partner with commercial satellite data providers to expand the offerings for customers and partners looking for near-real-time, high-resolution imagery.

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EO Consulting
EO Data and Imagery

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