EO Training

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge of Earth observation (EO) and understand how it can be applied to your area of expertise, we offer a range of bespoke and off-the-shelf group training courses run by our skilled team of scientists, researchers, software engineers and partners.
We offer the following training courses:
  • Introduction to remote sensing and image analysis
  • Image rectification and georeferencing
  • Science and applications of multispectral and hyperspectral imagery
  • Science and applications of short-wave and thermal infrared imagery
  • Science and applications of active imaging (lidar and radar)
  • Applications and sources of terrain data (DEM: digital elevation models)
  • Assessment of agricultural or forest productivity from satellite data
  • Multi-temporal change detection and monitoring
  • Lake and river colour for environmental monitoring
  • Fundamentals of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) systems and imagery analysis
  • Mapping forest destruction and deforestation / degradation
  • Mapping infrastructure and land cover use
  • Interferometric SAR processing to measure surface deformation
  • Ship detection using SAR images
  • Change detection using interferometric SAR processing
  • Mapping of ground control points using radargrammetry
  • Sea, air and land applications for image intelligence
  • Virtual ground receiving station direct access service training

Xerra is an approved supplier through the Envirolink funding scheme.

If you would like to learn more please get in contact with the form below and outline your area of interest.

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