EO Data and Imagery

We’ve been working with satellite data since the early days. We understand the science of Earth observation (EO) and can help determine which data and imagery best suits your specific needs.
Commercial satellite imagery

Commercial satellite imagery is collected by commercial satellite operators, such as Airbus and Unseenlabs.

Commercial data provides greater flexibility if you need near real-time information, high resolution images, or the ability to task a satellite to collect information over a particular area of interest at a particular time.

Xerra is an authorised reseller of Airbus and Planet satellite data. This generally means we can offer a more competitive price than if you go to each supplier direct.

Talk to us, or fill in the form below, if you’d like to learn more about commercial data offerings or would like a quote for a particular area of interest.

Openly-available satellite imagery

There is a huge resource of satellite imagery which is openly-available. Although there is no cost for you to download this data yourself, it does often require a certain level of expertise in order to source and process the imagery for use.

Talk to us if you need help accessing or processing the openly-available satellite data using the form on this page and we can work out the best solution for you.

Here to help

Our team can be of assistance no matter what level of EO experience you have. We can help expand your EO knowledge if you’re new to this field, or provide access to imagery for your own processing and analysis.

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