Applied Intelligence

EO is creating transformative insight across sectors, leading to gains in productivity, profitability, efficiency and sustainability.

The new age of accessible EO data, and the intelligence it provides, is transforming business, industry and governments — giving them an edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

Internationally, EO information is leading to advancements in the areas of regional and urban planning, disaster management and response, water and atmospheric assessments, energy and resource scheduling, environmental management and monitoring, irrigation and agriculture, forestry, and maritime domain awareness.

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  • Land use classification
  • Urban growth analysis
  • Pollution mapping
  • Natural disaster risk prediction
  • Real-time disaster monitoring
  • Soil moisture detection
  • Plant stress identification
  • Optical, thermal and radar monitoring of active volcanos
  • Automated detection of landslips
  • Surface compositional mapping
  • Ground deformation
  • Environmental mapping
  • Hyperspectral analysis
  • Suspended sediment mapping
  • Disease maps
  • Ocean colour measurements
  • Detection of cyanobacteria blooms
  • Monitoring of lake water quality
  • Detection of pollution events in lakes, rivers and coastal oceans
  • 3D mapping of snow and ice pack
  • Glacial flow
  • Water stress maps
  • Vegetation index
  • Vessel detection and tracking
  • Ground temperature mapping
  • Aerosol mapping
  • Radar assessment of forestry
  • Grass curing assessments (fire risk)

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