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Welcome to Dave Moskovitz

By November 11, 2019No Comments

We’d like to welcome Dave Moskovitz to the Xerra Board of Directors. Dave started the role in early October and joins the Chair of the Board, Stephen Davies Howard, Maria King, Dr Ian Boddy and Melanie Templeton.

Dave brings a wealth of experience in the startup and entrepreneurial space to the Board, with a background in helping Kiwi entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a reality and enter into the overseas market. Recently Dave has been involved with a number of startups in and beyond the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) space. These startups use big data, AI, and visualisation to bring about a better society, while at the same time delivering the strong commercial outcomes that are necessary to create a sustainable business and investment returns. He says, “Helping these Kiwi businesses develop offshore markets has been a key part of this.”

When asked why he chose to apply for the Xerra Board of Directors role, Dave replied, “Xerra’s focus on using Earth observation data to bring about better sustainability for New Zealand and the planet seemed like a natural fit for my vision of the world we could be living in.”

We’re delighted to have Dave on board and look forward to working with him as we drive towards a sustainable future for both our organisation and New Zealand.