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Xerra is creating powerful new ways to utilise Earth observation (EO) and remote sensing technologies.  We build useful and tangible products and services that provide reliable information to empower evidence-informed decision making within New Zealand’s industries, business and government.

Advancements in the availability of EO data, paired with machine learning and other technologies, are ushering in a new dawn of knowledge. The perspective that this data provides, enables an understanding of human behaviour and our natural world at a scale that has never previously been possible.

Xerra was created to enhance growth in New Zealand through the intensification of R&D and innovation in the regions. Through scientific research we aim to deliver valued information that leads to increased productivity while caring for the environment.
Why Xerra Earth Observation Institute?

Xerra sees the opportunities the space industry can provide and we recognise the power of Earth Observation (EO) data when applied reliably and with genuine understanding of the problem being solved.

Xerra are a team of remote sensing and data scientists, software engineers and designers, and business and communication experts.

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How could EO insights benefit my enterprise?

EO can provide transformative insights for almost any sector, leading to gains in productivity, efficiency and accountability.

The new age of accessible EO data, and the intelligence it can provide, is transforming industries, businesses and governments around the world — giving them an edge in an increasingly competitive international environment.

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What is Earth observation (EO) data and imagery?

EO data is a collective term, that refers to the information captured by sensors on board satellites, planes, drones or other autonomous vehicles, including ground-based sensors and networks.

The team at Xerra has expertise in a wide range of remote sensing technologies and outputs, but focus primarily on data collected by satellites.

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